Dr. Dapeng ZhangWebsite

Guangdong Ocean University
Interests: Dynamics in Marine Structures; Hydrodynamic Analysis of Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering; Ocean Clean Energy

Associate Editor

Assoc. Prof. Weiwei WangWebsite

Yantai University
Interests: Tribological Research of Marine Power Plant, High Performance Materials for Marine Application, Energy Saving in Marine Equipments, Molecular Dynamic Simulation
Dr. Jian LiuWebsite

Shanghai Jiao Tong University
Interests: My current work is focused on the design and manufacturing of ships and marine structures, with a particular interest in ship intelligent manufacturing.

Editorial Board Members (16)

Dr. Chaohui LinWebsite

Guangdong University of Technology, Guangzhou University, Guangzhou, Guangdong, Panyu zone 510006, PR China
Interests: Marine engineering equipment anti-fatigue manufacturing; Laser forging composite manufacturing technology
Dr. Haoyan ZhangWebsite

NingboTech University
Interests: engineering soft science
Mr. Zifa WangWebsite

COOEC International Engineering Co., Ltd. China
Interests: Exploration and development of offshore oil and gas resources, Subsea Engineering and project management.
Dr. Changfang ZouWebsite

Jiangsu Ocean University, School of Ocean Engineering
Interests: Sloshing; Fluid-structure interaction
Dr. Yingying YunWebsite

Saint-Petersburg State University
Interests: Kinetic theory of transport and relaxation processes in nonequilibrium reacting gases; rigorous self-consistent mathematical models of nonequilibrium flows; heat and mass transfer
Dr. Xiaofei CuiWebsite

Ocean university of china
Interests: Design and manufacturing of ships and marine structuresl; undetwater vehicle; ship structural performance and materials;
Dr. Rui TangWebsite

East China Normal University
Interests: Monte Carlo method, asymptotic method, the singular perturbation problem
Dr. Bowen ZhaoWebsite

Saint-Petersburg State Marine Technical University
Interests: Computational fluid dynamics; underwater and wave glider; hydrodynamics; pipeline and cable dynamics; marine renewable energy
Dr. Ge ChenWebsite

School of Mechanical Engineering, Guangdong Ocean University
Interests: Digital Microfluidics, Biomimetic Wetting Surface, SERS Biosensing
Dr. Tianjiao ZhangWebsite

China Electric Power Construction Group Co., Ltd
Interests: Fluid mechanics; Structural deformation control; Excavation problem; Numerical simulation
Assoc. Prof. Weidong ZhaoWebsite

Harbin Institute of Technology, Weihai
Interests: Fatigue and Fracture analysis, the structural response induced by ice load
Dr. Zhigang YeWebsite

College of Civil Engineering and Architecture, Zhejiang University
Interests: Thermo-hydro-chemo-mechanical coupling behavior; Numerical development and simulation; hypergravity modeling test; Marine gas hydrate exploitation; Phase trainsition among solid, liquid and gas phase; Saturated, unsaturated and hydrate-bearing soils
Dr. Yuelong ZhangWebsite

Zhejiang University; China Energy Engineering Group Zhejiang Electric Power Design Institute Co., Ltd
Interests: Structural Engineering; Design of overhead transmission line; Wind Engineering
Dr. Guoliang PangWebsite

South China Sea Fisheries Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Fishery Sciences
Interests: Deep sea aquaculture engineering technology; Offshore net cage and fish farm platform design; Subsea pipelines and risers typical failure analyses.
Dr. Mengzhen LiWebsite

Wuhan University of Technology
Interests: Composite Structures; Ocean Engineering; Sandwich composite laminates; Functionally graded materials; Vibration analysis; Structural optimization design
Assoc. Prof. Haoyu JiangWebsite

Guangdong Ocean University
Interests: USV, Ship information system
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