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Universal Publishing is a fully open access peer-reviewed publishing house. Our goal is to provide a fast, efficient and rigorous publishing service for scholars around the world. We are committed to enabling scholars around the world to conduct academic exchanges, fully and freely, regardless of geographical location, race, wealth or other restrictions, and to provide knowledge for the progress of all mankind. We respect every academic editor, reviewer, author, and contributor throughout the publishing process. We are also committed to helping each researcher publicize his knowledge and generate more exchanges. We want to provide a fast, reliable and affordable publishing option for scholars and researchers worldwide.

Benefits of publishing with Universal Publishing

All authors currently publish their articles in Universal Publishing at the expense of Universal Publishing. Universal Publishing will use Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, Wechat and other social media to promote each published paper in various countries.

Review Process

All articles need to be delivered from the company's official website. After we receive the manuscript, the editorial department will first conduct a preliminary check on the content of the article. For articles that meet the scope of the journal, academic editors will be invited to pre-check the article. Once the pre-check is passed, the editorial department will conduct peer review on the article. Global Publishing adopts Single-blind review method. The editorial department will invite relevant reviewers with no conflict of interest to check the quality of the article, and we will give the first feedback to the authors after receiving at least two qualified reports. Decisions received by the author include minor revision, major revision, rejection, acceptance. If author revisions are required, we will continue to invite previous reviewers to continue reviewing after receiving the author's revised manuscript. Once all reviewers have no further comments, we will invite academic editors to make a final decision. Please note that editors at Universal Publishing only have the right to reject articles, and all accepted articles require the consent of at least one academic editor.


As Universal Publishing is an Open Access publishing house, all journals’ papers are published as Open Access articles under the unrestrictive CC-BY license. The authors retain the copyright of the articles.

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