Article Processing Charges

Universal Publishing is committed to creating a more free, open and inclusive platform for academic exchanges. We do not discriminate by gender, race, economy, geography, etc., so that global researchers can participate more widely. In open access model, the publication costs of an article are paid from an author's research budget, or by their supporting institution. In order to provide free and immediate access to full text versions of your research articles and high quality publishing services, the authors are charged processing fee. Please note that the authors will be requested for APC only if the paper is accepted for publication. APC covers several expenses of publisher like peer-reviewing, editing, publishing, archiving and other costs associated with publication of the articles. 

For the journals: 

1. International Journal of Geo-Energy, 

2. International Journal of Engineering Sciences and Technologies, 

3. International Journal of Social Science and Research, 

we apply the following standards for article processing fees:

Authors from High Income Countries200 USD / 2000 CNY
Authors from Upper Middle Income Countries150 USD / 1500 CNY
Authors from Lower Middle Income Countries100 USD / 1000 CNY
Authors from Low Income Countries50 USD / 500 CNY

For the journal Engineering Solutions to Mechanics, Marine Structures, and Infrastructures, we waive the article processing fees for all submissions in the year 2024.

Please check the countries list, economy wise - to see which category you belong to:

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