Editorial Process

Universal Publishing follows COPE's ethical standards for peer reviewers, adopts a single-blind peer review method, treats all peer reviewers, including authors and reviewers seriously, rigorously, and efficiently, and maximizes the quality of publications.

After receiving the submission, the editor in charge of our publishing house will conduct a preliminary review of the article. The content of the initial review includes the research direction, format, image copyright, innovation and other contents of the article. Articles that meet the requirements of the journal will enter the peer review process. Universal Publishing will invite at least two scholars related to the research content of the article to review the article. After receiving the reviewer's report, editors will select the next step according to the report content. If the content of the report is more positive, we will ask the author to make revisions, generally including major repairs and minor repairs. If the reports are all negative, we will reject the article. If an impartial report is received, we will invite the academic editor to make a judgment, and the journal will further process the article in accordance with the opinion of the academic editor. For all articles sent to the authors for revision, after receiving the revised version sent back by the authors, we will invite the reviewers to review again until the reviewers find the article acceptable, and then invite the academic editor to make the final decision. Please note that we will follow the academic editor's decision; even if the reviewers in the final stage consider the article acceptable, the academic editor may think the article needs to be rejected.

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