Aims and Scope

Engineering Solutions to Mechanics, Marine Structures and Infrastructures seek papers in the following topics, but not limited to:


Friction and wear behavior of advanced engineering materials;

Computational modeling of fluid-structure interactions;

Non-destructive testing and evaluation techniques for mechanical components;

Vibration control and dynamics of complex mechanical systems;

Advanced composite materials for structural applications;

Additive manufacturing techniques for producing high-performance mechanical parts;

Multiscale modeling and simulation of material behavior under extreme conditions;

Structural health monitoring and damage detection in mechanical components;

Energy harvesting and conversion using mechanical systems;

Optimization and design of lightweight structures for aerospace and automotive applications;

Bio-inspired mechanics for the development of innovative engineering solutions;

Human-structure interaction and its influence on structural performance;

Acoustic materials for noise control and vibration damping;

Rheological behavior of complex fluids and soft materials;

Smart materials and structures for adaptive mechanical systems;

Ocean engineering:

Corrosion protection techniques for fixed and floating offshore platforms;

The impact of environmental factors on the integrity of pipelines and risers;

Novel materials and designs for undersea cables and mooring systems;

Advancements in buoy technology for offshore applications;

Geotechnical considerations in foundation engineering for marine structures;

Sustainable practices and technological innovations in ocean mining;

Development of marine and offshore renewable energy systems;

Engineering solutions for sustainable aquaculture in marine environments;

Subsea robotics and automation for subsea engineering operations;

Risk assessment and mitigation strategies for offshore operations;

Wave and tidal energy harvesting technologies;

Environmental impact assessments for offshore construction projects;

Offshore platform decommissioning and environmental remediation;

Offshore wind farm layout optimization;

Sediment transport and erosion control in coastal engineering;

Civil engineering:

Sustainable building design and the application of green building materials;

Structural health monitoring and structural damage identification techniques;

Development of high-performance concrete and innovative construction materials;

Innovative approaches to earthquake engineering and seismic design of structures;

Application of Building Information Modeling in civil engineering projects;

New technologies and foundation design in geotechnical engineering;

Optimization of water resources engineering and hydraulic structure designs;

Sustainable civil engineering practices and environmentally friendly building design;

Naval architecture:

Advanced ship design and hydrodynamics;

Ship structural performance and materials;

Marine propulsion systems and sustainable power sources;

Ship safety and emergency response technologies;

Autonomous vessel navigation and control systems;

Maritime environmental protection and pollution prevention;

Offshore engineering and deep-sea exploration;

Shipyard operations and logistics optimization;

Naval architecture and innovative vessel concepts;

Digitalization and data-driven ship technologies;

Coastal Engineering:

Coastal erosion and coastal protection measures;

Port infrastructure development and management;

Coastal zone management and planning

Applied mathematical modelling in engineering:

Finite element analysis for structural mechanics;

Optimization of mechanical systems and processes;

Control theory and applications in engineering;

Computational fluid dynamics for fluid mechanics studies;

Mathematical modeling of heat transfer phenomena;

Signal processing techniques in engineering applications;

Numerical methods for solving differential equations;

Stochastic processes and their applications in engineering;

Image processing and computer vision for engineering;

Mathematical approaches to electrical network analysis;

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